I spent the last week without the use of my Visa check card, and it was such a pain. I went to my credit union last week to order a new check card because the magnetic strip on my old one was worn out and wouldn’t read at the DMV office earlier that day. They ordered me a new card, but the lady also changed the expiration date in the computer because my old card expired shortly anyway. What she didn’t realize is that changing the expiration date rendered my old card useless. I never use cash unless absolutely necessary (which turns out being about once or twice a year for me), and I only write checks to pay certain bills that I can’t pay online. Using cash and checks all this week turned out to be a huge hassle, but I got a new Visa card today and I’m happy again.
I realized today that I haven’t permanently deleted anything from my e-mail since May 2004. I’m still using Outlook Express to check my mail, though someday I’ll finally make the switch to Thunderbird. Anyhow, I checked my Deleted Items box today just out of curiosity, and I had 12,985 deleted e-mails in there (105 megabytes worth), all of them spam. To think, I’ve received nearly 13,000 spam e-mails, and I have yet to use all those weight loss and erectile enhancement drugs that I bought!

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  1. Dennis,
    you are hilarious. I like the the things you write. Your visa card, the cat for a dogs tag, Funny stuff. You’ve got to remember all it takes is a click of the mouse and all the ED and weight loss stuff is no longer available to you. What a loss. Keep up the humor — we need it these days.

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