Yesterday I finished building some new shelves in the shed that’s attached to my garage. They run floor to ceiling, and take up nearly the entire length of one wall. I spent the last three evenings after work building them, and the materials cost about $100, half of which was for just two sheets of 3/4″ plywood. Damn, that’s expensive stuff. The entire floor of the shed used to be covered in junk that’s been stored there for years, making it impossible to even walk in there, but now I’ve moved about two-thirds of it up off the floor and onto the shelves. I’m usually not very good at carpentry projects, but this one turned out so well that I will probably do the same thing for the garage once the weather is too cold for camping.
Next week is my first camping trip since May, and only the fourth this year. I’d like to go camping every weekend through October after this coming trip, but I’m sure I’ll have to spend at least a couple of weekends not camping. I’m really looking forward to going back out near the dinosaur quarry to do some hiking and exploring around the Humbug Canyon area. My sister took this picture of me the last time we were there, but we didn’t spend much time there. There are zero geocaches out there past the quarry, and I think spending a weekend looking for somewhere to place a few would do me some good.

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