I bought a little kiddie pool today for the dog. She wasn’t sure what to do with it at first, but after a short time she started playing and having a lot of fun. I got the idea after seeing a YouTube video of somebody’s Brittany playing in a pool. We’ve had problems with Torrey playing in the irrigation ditch that runs through the back yard, and I thought the pool would keep her out of the ditch, but apparently that’s not the case–she played in the ditch twice today after playing in the pool. Here’s some video of her in the pool.
I also finally poured a concrete slab for her dog house this evening. I estimated that I’d need 10 bags of concrete, I bought 12 bags, and I ended up using 11 bags. It didn’t go as well as the last time I worked with concrete. I couldn’t get the edging tool to smooth the edges. Instead it just tore them up, so I quit trying to use it and smoothed out the rough spots with a small trowel. I also was going to let the kids and the dog leave their hand/paw prints, but I think I waited too long and it was already too set up by the time we tried to do it.
I’ve already decided to head back to Nine Mile Canyon via Dry Canyon this weekend. Traci and the kids are coming along this time, but Mark is on call for work so he and Samantha can’t make it. It would have been more fun with somebody else in another vehicle along, but we’ll still have a good time.

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