Dry Canyon

The Dry Canyon route from Bruin Point to Nine Mile Canyon is much like the Cottonwood Canyon route, except the road is very narrow and steep, and you’d be in trouble if you encountered another vehicle heading in the opposite direction. I enjoyed the scenery through Dry Canyon today, but I spent most of the drive worrying about running into somebody coming up the road. Other than that, this weekend’s drive was similar to last weekend’s. We only placed one geocache, at Bruin Point, but didn’t do a lot of hiking or make too many stops. We were gone from home for nearly 12 hours, and the kids were surprisingly well-behaved for a road trip that long. After all the action of the past two weekends, I don’t think I’ll be doing much outdoorsy stuff away from home until the Potter’s Ponds geocaching get-together in mid-August. After that I’ll be more than ready for the cooler temps of fall and a return to the desert.

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