Farmer Tan

I’m finally getting wound down from the weekend. On Friday evening, Traci and I dropped the kids off with her mom at Crescent Junction just north of Moab, then we headed back west on I-70 and down to the Temple Mountain area to meet up with the two couples we were camping with (DeViDe and J&L Lee). We found their camp trailers where they said they’d be, but they were out riding their ATVs when we rolled into camp. I had a problem with the jack on the tongue of the trailer–actually, I irreparably broke it. I had to use the jack for my truck to raise the trailer high enough to get it unhitched from the truck. If it hadn’t been for that, we’d have had camp all set up when the others arrived back at camp. We spent that evening just sitting around the campfire and talking, and we turned in early.
After breakfast on Saturday, we hopped on the ATVs and headed southwest. We rode the Behind the Reef Trail all the way to Hidden Splendor, which was quite an adventure for my first ATV ride. It took the better part of the day, so we rode back to camp on the main gravel road through McKay Flat in order to make it back for dinner. We turned in rather early again that evening after some more campfire tales.
We’d planned a short ride for Sunday morning, but the other two couples decided to pull out of camp early, so Traci and I went solo and found a couple of geocaches while we were out. We weren’t sure if we had enough fuel to make it to the second cache, but we went anyway and managed to make it back to camp with fuel to spare. After that, it was time to pack up and head back to Crescent Junction to meet up with Traci’s mom and the kids, and the end of a great weekend.

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