Hesitate but don't refuse

Paint RoadI took the kids out to Paint Road to place a new geocache this evening after I got off work. This one required a little bit of “engineering” because the road signs are made of aluminum and the magnets wouldn’t stick to it. 🙂 I had to screw a steel plate to a signpost, and about froze my ass off out there with as cold and windy as it was. It was quite a contrast to last weekend’s warm and sunny weather. I still can’t figure out why they call it “Paint Road.”
I’m starting to get a little worried about next week’s weather–if it rains or snows a day or two before Saturday, then the trailhead will be unreachable and the hike will have to be postponed. The weather forecast is never accurate up until a day or two in advance, so I have no choice but to wait until the last minute to make the call.
I completely deleted the Nutty Putty Cave site that I’ve been maintaining for the last eight years or so. Since SITLA closed the cave to the general public, there is no longer a reason to keep the site going. I may still make it back to the cave someday, but I’m not very enthused that I won’t be able to take my kids until they turn 14. Stupid rules.
Speaking of kids getting older, Michael turned six years old last week. The day before his birthday, he got his first loose tooth. It just doesn’t seem as though I should have a kid old enough to be losing his baby teeth. I don’t really consider myself old, but compared to the friends I grew up with, I’m the first one having to deal with this kind of stuff. Haha suckers–that means I’ll be kickin’ back in my empty nest while they’re still dealing with driver’s ed and “Dad, can I borrow the car tonight?” 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hesitate but don't refuse

  1. You are gettin’ old man! Not to say anything about myself being old (although it feels so), I’ll be 21 in 10 months!!! Oh btw, Uncle Dennis, could I borrow the car?
    It’s so crazy how fast time has flown. I remember reading about Michael being born, and he’s already six years old! Well hell, you take care of them boys and yer wife now, I’m going to go sleep and then back to work…

  2. Yeah my oldest just had a birthday in early feburary, turning six also. Haven’t had any teeth issues yet, but we did get her a cell phone (her mom’s idea, for saftey purposes) which I’m beginning to believe was a mistake (she wants to talk on it all the time… thought girls didn’t get into that stage until they were teens). The younger one turns 4 in June. Thankfully next year it’s first grade and preschool… no more split shifts.

  3. Damn Dennis mine won’t even turn 1 until May. I must be way behind the curve.
    She has just got her second tooth.

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