Well, I haven’t had much desire to go hiking lately, so I stayed at home nearly all weekend. I of course went to Thanksgiving at my mom’s, and I went for a very short drive to find a geocache yesterday morning, but other than that I haven’t stepped outside of the house for the past four days. That’s really how the entire past week has been, I think mostly because I don’t have much money to spend on fuel to get me places.
The coming month will probably bring more of the same. The only solid plans that I have are for a trip up north for work and my company’s xmas party. It’s looking like we might get a few inches of snow in the next couple of days, and that will definitely break up the monotony. I foresee a trip to my favorite sledding hill out near Farnham Dome. A little snow, a camp stove, and some hot chocolate would cheer me up immensely.

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