Black Star

I’ve been working overtime at work each day since last Monday, so not much else has been going on. I stayed home nearly all of this past weekend and finished a book that I started the week before. The cold weather has kept me cooped up in the house for too long. I haven’t even started up my truck for two weeks–it’s sitting in the driveway with the two spare tires still on the rear, but the two new tires should be arriving from SLC tomorrow.
Friday is going to be a busy day. I’m working in the office all day, then I plan on doing some shopping and geocaching around Provo, then Traci and I are going to my company’s “holiday” party in the evening. I think that on Saturday I’ll be replacing the kitchen faucet, since the ancient faucet in there is leaking pretty badly. I always have bad luck when it comes to plumbing, so I expect that project to take me all day, if not part of Sunday as well.

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