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Michael at his t-ball gameMichael is getting his tonsils and adenoids removed tomorrow morning. I’m pretty damned nervous. They’re also doing a turbinate reduction, which is the removal of some tissue in the nasal passageways. We initially took him to the doctor to have some allergy tests done, because none of the allergy medicines he took were doing any good. They said his tonsils were about four times larger than they should be, and they nearly blocked his entire airway in the back of his throat. That explains all the breathing problems he has during allergy season, especially at night. Michael was a bit scared when he heard what the doctor had planned for him, but he doesn’t care so much now that he knows what kind of foods he’ll be eating over the next week. I doubt I’ll stop being worried until after he’s fully recovered.
Bradley's birthday partyBradley turned three years old yesterday. We actually had his parties (yes, two of them) on Saturday. I spent that morning placing a new geocache in Buckmaster Draw, which is just east of the San Rafael Reef near Green River. There are a lot of uranium mines there, and the geological formations around there are known for containing dinosaur bones and petrified wood. I didn’t spend nearly enough time exploring Buckmaster Draw, but it’s so hot and desolate down there that I probably won’t be back for more until fall. Anyhow, after returning home and having Bradley’s second party, my sister’s kids stayed overnight and we slept in tents in the back yard. I used my new tent and sleeping bag for the first time, and now I’m looking forward to doing some backpacking. Yeah, like I’ll ever have the time to do that. 🙂
Crossing Fish CreekSunday was pretty fun. We drove up to Scofield with my sister’s family and went on a three mile hike. Michael did pretty well, but Bradley whined a lot about halfway through, so I ended up carrying him most of the way back to the truck. We found a geocache that’s been sitting unfound since last August, and we had to walk across Fish Creek to get there. The last time I attempted to find this cache, Fish Creek was running at 300 cubic feet per second, but Sunday it was under 50 cfs. I just carried my kids across, and everybody else walked on their own. Despite all the dust, bugs, and thorny plants, it was a great hike.

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