Two Thumbs Up

Michael has been doing exceptionally well so far. It’s almost as though nothing has happened. His appetite has remained normal, and he hasn’t wanted any pain medicine whatsoever since his surgery, even though we have some Lortab elixir just in case.
His doctor said the surgery would last about an hour, but when they paged us in the hospital after about 40 minutes, I was worried. My first thought was that something had gone wrong, but the doctor met us at the pre-op room and said everything went well, and that Michael only lost about a teaspoon of blood during the entire procedure. About a half-hour after that, they finally wheeled him into his room, which was the first time we’d seen him since before the surgery. He was a little groggy, but otherwise didn’t seem to be in pain or distress. After he recovered fully from the anesthesia, everything seemed normal.
I still keep expecting something to go wrong, but I guess that’s pretty unlikely this long after the surgery. One thing that’s bugging me is that Michael’s voice has changed a lot. I’ve read that a voice change is normal, especially after having the adenoids removed, but it should return to normal in a few weeks. I sure hope so. He has an appointment with his doctor on July 5th, and if his voice hasn’t returned to normal by then, I plan to address it with the doctor then.

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