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This weekend was ok. Saturday I set out with Mark to find a bunch of caches and just have some fun. The day got off to a good start, but things went slower than I’d planned. We only found seven caches, out of a planned 15. I wanted to place a cache in Fly Canyon, which we did, though the hike wore me out and I eventually got a bad headache. That combined with how late it was getting contributed to us just going down Huntington Canyon and home, instead of cutting over to Scofield.
The hike in Fly Canyon was really the best part, even though it was pretty tough. There’s an old jeep trail that the Forest Service has closed to motorized travel, but hiking it was pleasant. The trail gains about 1,100′ in elevation over almost two miles in length, and at the end is what appears to be an old camp. I’m not sure what was going on up there, but it may have been an old logging outfit. There’s an old concrete structure that was probably used to impound water for bathing or drinking, and some very old lumber scattered all over that may have been a cabin at one point. There was also an old General Motors engine block (inline six), various other metal machinery parts, and lots of unidentifiable junk littering the hillside down toward the creek.
An interesting thing about the hike is that one time as Mark and I were stopped to rest, a large dead pine tree just spontaneously fell. We were standing alongside the trail and we heard a large creaking sound. We turned and simply watched the tree topple over. It was pretty loud and dramatic. I was speechless for a second, then I was like, “Wow!” If a tree falls in the woods…
Yesterday I just stayed home all day, recovering from the previous day and cleaning up a little in order to get ready for Bradley’s birthday party, which is on Saturday. I’ve never been so busy as I am this summer, and it’s only going to get worse from here on out. Between Michael’s doctor appointments, all the camping trips, t-ball games, birthday parties, etc., I hardly have any time to be my lazy old self.

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