The Kid

Michael had his first t-ball practice this evening, and his first game is on Thursday. I was never big into sports–I think I played a single season of soccer when I was seven or eight–and I’m not sure Michael is going to be either. I would never have even bothered enrolling him in any sport unless he specifically asked, but Traci wanted him to play t-ball.
Michael’s going to miss a couple of games later this month because he’s scheduled to have his tonsils removed on the 21st. His tonsils are so huge that it’s affecting his speech, eating, and breathing. When his hayfever gets bad, he keeps me awake at night because he’s struggling so hard to breathe. I’m nervous for the surgery, but I’ll be glad when things return to a more normal state.

2 thoughts on “The Kid

  1. Fond memories of my youth in sports. Even with the T-Ball setup I still couldn’t hit the baseball. I spent most of my soccer carrier on the ground gasping for breath. My gut was a magnet for that ball. Basketball was fine if we were playing horse. When people started moving around it all went to garbage. I would get so “excited” that it turned into dodgeball, so I would dive out of the way when somebody passed me the ball. Think that was the game my folks demanded I stop playing any sport… ever.

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