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I upgraded my website to use Movable Type 3.2 this evening. Hopefully it will help me deal with spam being posted to the comments. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people, but since I have comment moderation turned on, I can’t imagine why they keep trying. After one post, they should be able to figure out that their spam is not actually getting posted to my website, but they just keep trying. Fucking morons. I don’t think I’ll bother playing with the new features tonight, but maybe tomorrow I’ll give them a look.
Traci and I ditched the kids this evening and went out gathering some rocks for our yard. I wanted some flat rocks to use for building a walkway on the parkway in our front yard. I’m finally getting around to fixing up my front yard after it got dug up more than two years ago, but I don’t want to maintain a lawn on the parkway. I plan to xeriscape that part, with mostly rocks, and probably a few low ground cover plants.
The rocks we gathered are just awesome. Most of them contain fossils of some sort, but a few of those have some decent sized (about 3-inch) cephalopod impressions in them. Now I just need to go back to southwestern Emery County to pick up enough volcanic rocks to ring around the trees in the parkway.
Edit: I just realized that Movable Type 3.2 is crap. The Save button on the New Entry page does not work in Mozilla Firefox. When I click Save, it does absolutely nothing. I had to switch over to Internet Explorer just to save this post. I’ll have to do some research tomorrow to figure out what the hell is wrong, but for now I am very unimpressed.

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  1. I’m telling you, WordPress is the way to go. Once you install it [ 😉 ], get the Akismet plug-in for it and you’re good to go.

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