I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to fix the inside passenger-door handle in my truck. You’d think that Ford would be able to design something a little better than that after so many years in the business, but it’s almost to the point where the entire door needs to be replaced just to fix the handle. I still haven’t been able to fix it, but a trip to the store tomorrow to buy some new nuts and bolts should take care of it.
Sunset over the Oquirrh MountainsThe past weekend was a blast. Friday, I did a lot of geocaching, and went on a great hike with some old and new friends to the top of Lake Mountain in Utah County. After the hike, we just went to West Valley and crashed for the night. Saturday morning we were up early for our drive to Farmington and the UTAG spring meeting. After that we did some more geocaching, then some shopping, and yet more geocaching (the last part was just Mike and me caching late at night). Sunday brought a little more caching, then the long, boring drive home.
This week, we’ve gone on a couple of walks around the neighborhood. I’d like to get the kids in shape enough that they could walk a mile or two without any help. We walked 1.5 miles last night, and I only carried Bradley on my shoulders for a short distance of that. Myself, I’d like to take much longer walks, but my family can’t handle that yet. Maybe in a month or two they’ll be able to keep up with me. Until then, I’ll be carrying the youngest on my shoulders and pushing the rest to keep up. 🙂

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