Better than Nothing

I just uploaded some miscellaneous pictures from the past few weeks that weren’t otherwise worthy of their own picture page.
I had some unexpected fun yesterday–the family loaded up into the truck and we went looking for some UDash points. It probably sounds kind of odd, traveling to some random place just to say you’ve been there, but it can be fun. The first point we visited was behind Pizza Hut here in Price. There’s a field there with horses in it. I had to cross the fence to get within 100 feet of the dash point (the minimum distance required to claim a “find”), and the horses in the field apparently needed some attention. They all came trotting toward me, so I hurried and snapped a picture of my GPS and got the hell out of there. I’m not particularly fond of trespassing on private property, but it was actually pretty fun. 🙂
Another dash point that we found was up on a hill above Helper where there are several water tanks and a shooting range. The last time I was up there, I saw several deer, and this time was pretty much the same. The rainstorm in Price had turned into a heavy snowstorm in Helper, and it was accumulating on the ground quickly. When I got my truck to within about 150 feet of the dash point, we saw some deer only about 30 feet away, and they were standing completely still and looking directly at us. I managed to get out of the truck and ease a little bit closer in order to take some pictures. We were only gone from home for a short time, but it turned out being much more fun than doing nothing.

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