Garmin GPS 60

My new GPS receiver arrived today. So far, I’m very impressed. The only disadvantage that the Garmin GPS 60 has, compared to my old eTrex Legend, is that it’s substantially larger and heavier. However, there are two things that offset that. One is that the GPS 60 gets much better satellite reception than the Legend, and I can put it somewhere less obtrusive (such as in my breast pocket) without losing the signal. With the Legend, I had to carry the damned thing in my hand all the time, holding it slightly away from my body, in order to get a good signal. This was a big pain in the ass whenever I needed both hands to climb, take pictures, or just to pick my nose. The second thing is the belt clip that came with the GPS 60–I can clip it just about anywhere and the size/weight issue isn’t really noticeable. It should fit just fine on the chest strap of my hydration pack next to my cell phone. Now I just need an excuse to get out and use it.

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