Bachelor Chow

I’m home alone for most of this week while Traci and the kids stay in Salt Lake with her mom. I normally do most of the cooking around here, but with only myself to feed, things have changed. I had cold cereal for dinner this evening. 🙂
I suppose it’s all well and good that my family is gone, because I’m working overtime all week, and probably even next week too. I may try to do some work on my car if I get the chance, and if the weather holds. I’m continually amazed at how poorly designed newer vehicles are. The washer fluid hose in my Taurus is made of rigid, molded plastic, and not surprisingly, it’s cracked. What ever happened to using rubber tubing? What’s worse is that I’ve got to remove the right-front wheel in order to get to the washer pump to disconnect the old line and reconnect the new one. I’ll try to use rubber tubing, but only if Ford did at least one thing right and used standard fittings on the ends. Fat chance.
I may end up going for yet another hike this weekend to place a geocache. There’s a natural bridge about 13 miles southwest of Woodside that I noticed while poring over maps, but there’s no telling whether or not it’s worth hiking to without actually hiking to it, so I’ll probably give it a shot. The USGS usually doesn’t list arches and natural bridges on their maps unless they’re significant, so I’m hoping this one is large. It’s fairly remote, and not too steep (480 feet of elevation gain over 1.6 miles), so it should be just perfect for a cache.

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