Orange Goodness

So, it’s looking like the Wedge on Saturday, and the San Rafael Desert on Sunday. The weather forecast has gotten much colder, so I’ll have to keep moving and push myself a bit harder in order to keep warm. The San Rafael Desert is quite a bit farther south of Price than the Wedge, so maybe it’ll end up being warmer there.
I’ve had this idea of hiding a cache in a different manner from any other cache I’ve seen, and Sunday I’m finally going to do it. It’s taken me a long time to find the right place, but I think the Flat Tops area of the desert ought to do. I plan on hiking at least a mile from the nearest road, then just dropping my flourescent orange ammo box on the ground and leaving it there. I’ve never seen a cache so exposed as that, and hopefully it won’t be discovered by anybody who isn’t looking for it.

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