Straight Rum

Ok, maybe I’m crazy, but I’m not entirely happy with my cache placement mentioned in the previous post, and I want to go back and move it. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to move the existing cache, ’cause one person has already told me it’s on their to-do list, but if I do move it it’ll be that much more rewarding a find. The only reason Mark and I left it there is that we were both saving just barely enough energy to make it back to the truck, and a lot more wandering around looking for a way east would have been too much. Now that I’ve had time to recover, and now that I can take the most direct route to the existing cache, I think it’s doable to make it all the way to the southeastern tip of the Wedge. There’s only one avenue that we didn’t explore to go further east, and that was up higher and over a big Navajo sandstone cliff. We tried going around either side of the plateau, but we didn’t even consider the direct route over the top. I think in two weeks I’ll give it a shot, weather permitting.

4 thoughts on “Straight Rum

  1. I’m not worried so much about cheating–after all, it’s my cache and I can pretty much do as I please with it. I just didn’t want to have gotten somebody’s hopes up that they could reach the cache, only to make it twice as difficult by moving it before they get a chance to go there.

  2. Yeah Mark, I’d like to hike with you again. And if there’s ever anywhere you wanna hike to, I wouldn’t mind tagging along either. 🙂

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