I think I’ve written more on this website about the things that I want to do than the things I’ve actually done. Well, tonight is no exception. I’ve spent the last week thinking about the San Rafael Desert. I saw part of that area earlier this year when Mike and I ventured south from Green River to Moonshine Wash. Now, I want to start on Highway 24, near the Goblin Valley turnoff, and head east into the desert. The southern half of the desert seems particularly interesting, and especially barren. There are surprisingly no geocaches there (a condition which I hope to remedy), so I assume it’s not well-travelled. There appear to be several short (less than a mile long) slot canyons near the Jack’s Knob (heheh) area, and that’s where I’d like to start exploring. I doubt I’ll get there before this year’s over, but you never know. It’s hard to justify burning $75 of fuel on a trip like that. Springtime will probably be more picturesque, and I could even haul the trailer down there and make a weekend of it. That sounds like a good plan, hopefully I can stick to it.

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