Sevier Valley

Sunset southeast of Sigurd, UtahYesterday’s trip was awesome. We found twenty freaking caches, all in the Richfield area. I didn’t think we’d spend so much time there, but we were having so much fun that we didn’t care about all the other caches we’d planned on finding along US-89. We met the Hunts at their house a little after 10:00 in the morning and cached with them all day long, and didn’t leave until well after dark. Considering the number of caches we found (which is about twice as many as I’d previously found in a single day), and that everybody had a lot of fun, I’d say it was a productive day. Luckily, several of the caches we found were at city parks, so the kids had many opportunities to break up the monotony of riding in the back seat of the car.
There was one cache along Richfield’s main street, and not surprisingly, Bradley was a handful there–he repeatedly tried running out in front of passing cars. I’m not sure if that’s worse than last weekend when he tried jumping off the top of Dutchman Arch. That kid’s just the opposite of Michael–he’s got no fear and no sense of danger, which for a two-year-old spells disaster. I think he’s going to be our “Emergency Room Kid,” much like I was as a child. 🙂

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  1. I don’t know know if you mentioned this or not, but how the hell did you get into the whole “cache” thing? I’ve been worndering that for a long time, because until you wrote about it, I had never heard of the activity. Makes me wonder if there’s people doing it here in SoCal.

  2. I heard about geocaching about four years ago–I just stumbled across a cache listing on I thought it was interesting (though a bit strange) at the time, but two years later I finally bought a GPS and have been doing it ever since. And lately, I’ve been making quite a few new friends who are into it as well. The cool thing is that the people I’ve met are also into the other things I like to do, like hiking, off-roading, shooting, etc.
    As for ER bills: my health insurance premiums already contribute to me being broke, but my ER co-pay is pretty low because of it. Bradley’s already been in the ER twice, and was admitted to the hospital for a couple of days one of those times, and it didn’t hurt us too badly.

  3. So long as it’s actually an emergency, the price tag’s not so bad – if you go in there with, say, a violently puking toddler who may or may not have been playing with antifreeze, they rake you over the fucking coals.
    I hear.

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