I never leave the house without my handgun strapped to my waist, but in the past couple of months, I’ve forgotten my wallet twice. It’s even more embarassing that I didn’t realize I forgot my wallet until I was at the checkout at the store with a cart full of groceries. Maybe I should stow an extra $20 or so in my holster for emergencies. 🙂
It’s looking like we’re going to do a short (~300 mile) road trip this weekend, driving the loop down SR-10, across I-70, up US-89, then back home on US-6. Actually, that last part depends on how we feel when we get to Fairview. I might just skip part of US-6 and drive Fairview Canyon to Eccles Canyon to Scofield then home. We are going to make a side-trip to Richfield, which is only 18 miles out of the way, but we can bag 16 geocaches while we’re there. We’re also planning on meeting up with some new friends in Sigurd for some caching and lunch. I think it’s going to be a very long and tiring day, but hopefully worth it.

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  1. I thought Texas was the only state where you could run around with an exposed weapon. I know concealed weapons are only available through a permit, but exposed is ok in Utah as well? Crazy.

  2. Actually, I wear an IWB holster (inside the waist band), but it is legal to carry openly in Utah only if you have a Concealed Firearm Permit (at least as far as I can understand the law). I have carried openly on a few occasions, usually when I’m out in the middle of nowhere hiking.

  3. I was under the impression that open carry was never legal in utah unless you’re a cop in uniform, even with a ccw permit. (though since I’d probably never carry open, I’ve never looked it up, for some reason that’s just what I thought.)
    And I don’t know why, but I find the statement “Maybe I should stow an extra $20 or so in my holster for emergencies.” pretty hilarious.
    What brand/model of holster are you using, and you still carrying your kel-tec?

  4. Here’s the way I understand it: 76-10-523 says that a CFP holder is exempt from 76-10-505, but 76-10-505 mentions nothing about the weapon being concealed or openly carried. There’s also a public safety rule that has something to do with it, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now.
    I’m still carrying my P-11, and my holster is a DeSantis Insider. I had wanted a Glock 27, but after carrying such a small handgun for so long, I think I’ll actually get a Glock 23 when I get around to it. And I’ll probably get a pair of Kydex holsters, one IWB and another for open carry.

  5. “An armed society is a polite society.” – Robert Heinlein.
    I’ve thought about hauling around my .303 Enfield on my back, but that fucker’s heavy. 🙂

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