I do shine my pants!

Driving around on a lonely dirt road isn’t exactly a situation in which you’d expect to run into an old friend, but it happened to me today. I was bummin’ around on the roads running out to all the new gas wells between here and Kenilworth, and I passed Enrique going the opposite direction. We both turned our trucks around and stopped in the middle of the road to catch up for a few minutes before turning back around and continuing the way we were going. He definitely wasn’t someone I’d have expected to bump into up there. I guess it takes a certain kind of weirdo to be driving around alone on Wood Hill. Oh wait.
It took me 15 minutes to get my truck started this afternoon. I had to jump-start it again, and hopefully it’ll still have enough juice in the morning to start one last time. I have an appointment at Price Autoplex, where I’ll have them at least figure out what’s wrong, and possibly fix it if the price is right. I’m just afraid that they’ll tell me it’s something like the alternator, so I’ll have it replaced, but the problem will persist and it’ll turn out being something else.

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