Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

Damnit, I feel like an old man. Yesterday, as I was running around town buying parts for my trailer, I got that twinge in my neck again. This is the third time that I’ve had a really bad muscle spasm in my neck, and it’s getting really. fucking. old.
The only good news is that I finally have every single part that I need to fix my trailer, except the pump and tank which have yet to arrive (after buying them off of eBay at a savings of $78). Sadly enough, nobody around here sells bulk packs of hose clamps. I checked the auto parts stores, hardware stores, and retail stores, but couldn’t find enough clamps to suit my purpose. I had to buy six nine-packs of small hose clamps from Wal-Mart at $2 apiece, but only four out of the nine clamps were the right size. It was still cheaper than anywhere else, though. My only worry now is that the braided PVC that I’m using won’t work well with 120°+ water at 45 PSI. I’m not sure if it’s rated for that pressure and temperature combined, but I suppose I’ll find out. I oughta install a shutoff valve just after the hot water tank just in case.
I won’t actually be able to work on my trailer until my neck loosens up a bit. I was afraid that I’d have to call in sick to work today because of it, but I took a Zanaflex and it seemed to help a bit. My doctor said to only take it just before bedtime, and she gave me a different medication to take during the day (Bextra), but that’s been recalled, and I have no desire to die of a heart attack while I take that shit.

21 thoughts on “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

  1. Not that I really like the Bloodhound gang, but the song by the same title of your post, really, really sucks. At least that’s my opinion. Hopefully I don’t get flamed for that.

  2. To each his own, I always say. I like the Bloodhound Gang a lot, and though I think that song is pretty funny, the actual music sucks. I hope the rest of the album is better, because I’ll probably buy it when it comes out.

  3. That’s mostly what I was getting at. I never really cared for them in the first place, but the other stuff I heard was a lot like crappy hip hop, whereas that song sounds like their trying to be alt-rock. Doesn’t make sense to me. And what the fuck is Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo supposed to mean?

  4. I understood the phonetic part, I use that all the time at work (security). It’s a lot easier to understand things that way over the radio. But I didn’t know what the acronym stood for. That’s pretty interesting, but I still don’t like the song.

  5. hey guys the Song by the bloodhun gang is called Foxtrot Unifrom Charlie Kilo and if you didnt know its F-foxtrot U-unifrom C-charlie K-kilo what do u get for the first letter of each word? F*U*C*K

  6. No, moron, “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo” is the phonetic spelling, and FUCK would be the acronym, if it could even be considered an acronym. Retard.

  7. hey ummm hte reason they spelled f.u.c.k. is obvious if u LISTEN to the song i.e.marinate the woopie stick, in the gutlugger. it may seem stupid and childish for them to write such a song but hey, they get payed for it, more power to them.

  8. WTF? Why do people keep posting comments trying to explain what this song/acronym is about? I think if you READ the comments above, you’ll see that nobody is confused about it (except maybe yourself).

  9. geez if anyone was smart theyd see the title is FUCK and the song is about sex i mean, Cattle Prod (stick it in) the oyster ditch (vagina) with the lap rocket (penis) therefore (stick the penis in the vagina)

  10. Davo… no one was talking about what the song means. They were talking about the Phonetic Title. C’mon… Im BLONDE and I know its not THAT hard to avoid saying stupid things.

  11. hehehe you guys are just plain silly
    fighting and all…. …
    getting all mad for nothing….
    it’s silly…..
    peace you people, peace…..
    jesus loves you all :P, as does michael jackson

  12. hi.. um well .. i think its a nice song.. i guess.. jus coz u dnt understand a songs lyrics dusnt mean its shit n all .. u dnt hav to its jus the music.. if u can dance to it or sit n listen to it enuff to no u h8 it then it must b a good song. if u all hav herd of it n can say it sux then it must of caught ur attention to make ulisten to it meaning its a good song. i think the onli thing about it thats childish is u ppl arguing over its stupid title. i wud like to see you all make a better osng bcoz i think it rocks. thats all i hav to say now goodbye Ox ..

  13. O my god. First of all WTF. I didnt under stand what the song ment either. Why all the fighting? But either way it was funny to read all your comments. I really like the blonde basicly saying she was an idiot. And Davo was right. Because from reading your comments hardly any of you actually knew what the song ment either….Jesus. The songs good…so just deal…and F.U.C.K…

  14. Ok obviously if your not an idiot it is obvious that Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo is an ACRONYM – If you take the first letter from each name it spells F.U.C.K and the song is obviously about sex like firstly In the end they cleary say Put the you know what in the you now were like seroisly you cant be that dumb to not understand what they say and the put the cattle prod in the oyster ditch obviously stick the penis in the vagina like wtf u dumb idiots how much more obvious could they make it.

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