I think I’m finished with the most difficult part of fixing my trailer. I labored for endless hours today to get the water lines run between the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The old lines were rigid PEX pipes and must have been much easier to run, but flexible braided PVC was nearly impossible. Long story short, I had to pull the furnace out of the wall just to access the hole in the wall where the tubing ran, and running the new stuff through that hole took dozens (and dozens and dozens and…) of tries. It went through a small hole in the wall, under the shower enclosure, and came out through another small hole on the other side.
Anyway, all that’s left to do is to cut the tubing to length and install the fittings and clamps. I also have to either run a new copper gas line to the furnace, or cap off the tee where it used to connect. I kinked the old copper line when I pulled the furnace out, and honestly I don’t care much about it right now. I also need to install a new hatch cover for the water filler. Surprisingly, installing the new tank and pump were the easiest parts. Oh jeez…I just remembered that I have to rehang the bathroom door too–it somehow got ripped off its hinges on our way back from Potter’s Ponds a few weeks ago.
I’m going to sleep well tonight, as long as my aching body doesn’t keep me awake. I think I can finish the trailer up tomorrow after work, then the rest of the week I can focus on getting me and the kids ready for our camping trip.

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