Big Fat Money

Things are beginning to return to normal around here finally. I’ve been trying to scrape enough money together to accomplish all the things I want to do in the next month. Most of that money will be spent on fuel, since most of my plans involve travel.
On Sunday, I’m going hiking with Mark in the Uintas north of Roosevelt. My main goal is to find an elusive geocache up there, but I just realized that Eccentric Peak, the highest point in two counties at around 12,300′, is within easy hiking distance as well. If Mark and I feel up to it, I suppose we’ll head on over there as well.
I’ve got seven geocaches I plan on placing soon, each along the Price River somewhere, and that’ll take me at least three separate trips. Only one of these caches is going to be physically difficult to place–it’ll require a 26-mile round-trip bike ride through some very remote country. In addition to that, I’ll have to cross the Price River about 26 times on this ride. I plan on placing it at the confluence of the Price and Green rivers, and though I could easily drive up the east side of the Green River and place it there, or float on a tube across to the west side from there, I think I’d rather take the most challenging route.
A water line sprung a leak in my camp trailer a few months ago, and I repaired it with some copper epoxy, but that crap only lasted one camping trip before giving out. I tried re-soldering the “T” connection that was leaking, but that didn’t work–I couldn’t get the solder to stick no matter how much or how little flux I used. I’m going to give it another try this weekend, this time with some new pipes and hardware. The trailer’s registration is expired, so that’s one other thing I’ve got to spend money on.
I’ve also got to get the oil changed in my truck before Sunday–I’m pretty sure a lot of diesel fuel got in the oil while that glow plug was missing. That beast takes about 15 quarts of oil, so oil changes don’t come cheap.

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