I heard back from Landon’s today about my truck. One of the glow plugs backed out of its hole, which explains the oil leaking from the valve cover. A $13 part came loose, and the Ford dealer in Orem wanted to replace my entire engine! I’m so relieved that it was such a minor problem, but I’m very disturbed about Allen Patch Ford. I’m going to send a letter to both Allen Patch and Ford’s Customer Relations department letting them both know what an awful experience it was, and how badly they tried to rip me off. I thought Community Motors was the worst Ford dealer ever, but it turns out that I was wrong.

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  1. Reminds me of that Dead Kennedys song, “Trust Your Mechanic”. I really hate the fact that I don’t really know shit about cars, for that reason. One time I got a brake job done (2 rotors, 2 drums, pads and shoes) and about a year later the same problem recurred. I went to a different mechanic, and it turns out that the original mechanic had lied through his teeth, and didn’t replace the rotors or drums at all! I thought about taking legal action, but when I looked for the place in the phonebook, it turns out they had gone out of buisness. I wonder why?

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