Please Hold

I feel like my entire life is on hold until I get my truck fixed, and it’s really starting to suck. I don’t dare spend a dime on anything non-essential because I have no idea how much it’s gonna cost to fix.
I’m having the truck towed back to Price, and I’m sure as hell not working with any Ford dealer ever again, at least for repairs–their parts departments haven’t done me wrong (yet). I talked to Landon at Landon’s Diesel Service today, and he said they’ll be able to take a look at the truck in a week, and if it’s something as serious as a bad piston, it should only take 1½ to 2 weeks to fix. I really really hope I have it back before the Potter’s Ponds get-together. I’d sure hate to haul my trailer up there with my ’79 Ford. Hell, if I don’t sell that truck by then, I might just have to give it away anyhow.

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  1. Yeah, my Honda’s water pump went out a couple years ago, along with pretty much every single important part of the cooling system, except the radiator (which I had replaced prior to that). My life was on hold big time. It’s hard to try and get rides to work and whatever, just so that you can take care of business and fix the problem.

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