Listen all y'all

This just goes to show you how far out of my league my new truck is: I was checking the oil, trans. fluid, etc., yesterday, and I just barely noticed that it has TWO batteries. The one on the driver’s side is buried beneath the air intake, so I just never noticed it before. Man, I can already tell that maintenance on this thing is going to be expensive. I also realized that it’s already got a K&N air filter, so that’s one less thing that I’ll need to worry about.
Traci and I had plans to spend tomorrow night in West Valley City at Mike’s, but our babysitter had to back out, so we’re left with no plans for the weekend. I’d love to go place some new caches and find some others, but I’m not sure it’s worth spending that much money on fuel. I haven’t even driven my truck much lately–I’ve still got a tank and a half from when I filled up in Green River two weeks ago. I finally got around to figuring out the truck’s fuel mileage, and it’s getting around 19 MPG with mixed highway and off-road driving (and a negligible 500-pound payload, not including passengers). Not bad for a 7.3L engine, especially considering that the 3.0L Toyota engine gets about comparable mileage.

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