Let's commence preparations for rumbling!

I received and placed both Jeep travel bugs today. I’m sure glad somebody saw fit to get some of them moving down here. I wasn’t sure if any had been slated for release in Emery County (none have showed up yet), so I brought one to Castle Dale and dropped it off at the Wickershams’ house.
I’ve just been realizing lately how much my personality (or parts of it) has changed over the past couple of years. I used to be pretty antisocial and introverted, but lately I’ve been just the opposite. It used to be that when I met new people, it was through no fault of my own. Now, it seems as though I’ve met a lot of new people and made some new friends, and it was all of my own choosing. Maybe it’s all just part of growing up (though I’ve never really felt like a grown up).
Bradley’s gonna be two years old on Sunday. It’s an even more sobering thought that Michael is going to be five years old next year and will be starting kindergarten. Anyway, both Traci and I have still got a few things left to do to get ready for his party this weekend. I’ve been burned out on any type of work lately (I need a looooong vacation), but I’ve got to buckle down and get this stuff done. I think that when the next weekend comes around, I might take some time off work and get far away from home for awhile. Maybe then, Monday won’t seem so bad.

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  1. Heh, You’re not (and not going to be) any more grown up than me!
    Er….ummm….yeah, Happy Father’s Day 🙂

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