Nitty Gritty

I’ve already had a full weekend, and it’s only half over. I took half a day off work yesterday and took my family on a little road trip. We went to Green River first for a couple of dashpoints, then found a few caches around Highway 24 on the way to Goblin Valley. At Goblin Valley, we ate lunch and did some hiking around the park, then took off toward Hanksville for one more dashpoint. On the way back north, we stopped and got some of these rocks. Diesel fuel was so much cheaper in Green River than anywhere else, even Price, so I filled up both tanks in the truck before heading back to Price. I think we were away from home for more than 10 hours, and it was a pretty exhausting day for everybody.
I had a problem with my camera while we were out and about–all my custom settings got wiped out and the camera reverted back to the factory defaults. Apparently this isn’t uncommon. I took some pictures at one of the geocaches we visited, then put the camera back in its case for about 30 minutes while we drove to Goblin Valley, and along the way I stopped to take some video of two antelope tangling horns. When I turned the camera on, the default Canon logo appeared on the screen instead of the image I’d created, but it wasn’t until even later that I realized the image size and quality settings had also changed. If it happens again, I think I’m going to try getting it fixed or replaced under warranty.
I haven’t done much of anything today, and I don’t have plans for tomorrow either. I may do some target shooting, because my wife’s uncle gave me three boxes of 9mm FMJ in exchange for fixing his computer. Somebody is sending me two brand-new Jeep travel bugs, which I want to place in caches around Price as soon as they arrive, so I’ll probably be doing some 4-wheeling in the mud on Monday to get them out there (if this rainy weather keeps up).

2 thoughts on “Nitty Gritty

  1. Hey, I’m not completely sure, but those rocks you have pictured look like meteorites. Maybe you should look into it.

  2. There’s a thin layer (three or four feet thick) of that rock in this area, then a thick layer (~20′) of purple dirt, then another layer of the funky white rocks. I’m not sure how it formed, or how it eroded into such strange shapes, but I’m sure it’s just sandstone.

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