Stroke This

Finally got a new truck:

It’s probably a little overkill for what I’ll use it for. It’s got the 7.3L Power Stroke diesel engine, automatic transmission, and best of all, it’s a Supercab, so the fambly can ride in one vehicle when we go camping!

5 thoughts on “Stroke This

  1. Jeebus, that’s a fuckin’ behemoth! Gas must be dirt cheap in Utah!! 😉
    Seriously though, that’s a sweet truck.

  2. Not really. 🙂 I paid $2.39/gallon for diesel yesterday–apparently the price for diesel is right between the two highest grades of unleaded fuel. So I suppose I won’t use this truck for much of anything besides hauling the trailer around to go camping. However, since I’m no longer limited by my POS ’79 Ford as to the distance I can travel, we’ll probably be going to a lot more places this year, and a lot farther away from home. It’s good thing the ’97 has dual fuel tanks (or maybe not).
    Man, am I getting old, or what? When I got my driver’s license, I think gas was around $1/gallon. How I long for the good ol’ days. I remember scraping up a few bucks for gas for my ’72 Ford F-250, and it would go quite a ways.
    Now I’ve got to work on selling my old Ford, the Mazda, and my ’87 Subaru. If I can do that, I should actually be able to pay off most of my loan, then I’ll be able to work on my next goal–a TJ Wrangler! 🙂

  3. Hehehe…… I remember the ’72 F-250 going into the side of the high school. And didn’t it go through a fence once too?

  4. Yes, there was also a power pole and a Ford Taurus. 🙂 All of those except rear-ending the Taurus were just plain reckless driving in the snow, which is still one of my favorite pastimes, though I tend to do it off-road now.
    I just realized how stupid I was at 16–now I know what I’ve got to look forward to with my kids.

  5. hah yes, when I got my license I fondly remember paying .89 a gallon to fill my truck up.
    I found a picture on my hard drive I took at the gast station this time last year, when I thought 1.79 was expensive.
    Nice truck, I loved my 98 regular cab. 5.4L V-8, man that was nice.

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