Power Strokin'

If anybody needs a CarFax report within the next 30 days, send me a message with the VIN and an email address, and I’ll get back to you with one.
Since our trip to Salt Lake was cancelled, I spent the weekend doing something productive. I finished preparing the garden, and Traci and I planted everything yesterday evening. I also tilled half of the front yard, and dug up the sprinkler system to see what needs to be repaired. It turns out that the damage isn’t as bad as I’d thought, and I will be able to fix it all myself (I had my doubts). I’ll need to buy a pipe threader kit, and a few small lengths of pipe and various fittings, but it should only take me a few hours and less than $75. <sarcasm>Can’t wait!</sarcasm>
Michael is recovering quite well. Since Friday, he’s actually been up and about a lot, and seems to be perfectly normal, except for coughing fits every once in a while. I guess his appetite isn’t back to normal yet, but after several days of eating next to nothing, I’m not surprised. He also tires easily–we went for a walk this morning, and he kept asking me if we could stop and rest after only a couple of blocks. Normally, I have to ask him to slow down and wait for me. I’m sure it’ll take him awhile to get his appetite and his strength back, but hopefully by the time we go camping next weekend he’ll be back to normal.

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