Let me show you another way

I did yard work today for the first time this year, and I’m already way behind. The grass in my back yard was over a foot tall in some places, but it looks much better now that I’ve mowed it.
I still haven’t done anything with my front yard since we had the sewer line replaced–this is what it looked like right after that, though it’s a little better now. I plan on repairing the sprinkler system on the two sections of grass closest to the house (should only cost about $30 for new pipe and fittings), then I’ll place sod on those two parts. For the parking strip, I’m going fill most of it in with large red sandstone rocks, then I’ll plant some really low ground cover to fill in the rest. I’m also going to put some small boulders bordering my yard and my neighbor’s driveway so those douchebags won’t be able to drive into my yard anymore.
My main priority now is getting the garden ready in the back yard. It’s amazing how well some of our plants are already growing. Traci had to move the corn from the small starter pots to some much bigger ones–the roots grew longer than six inches within the first two weeks. I’ve still got to figure out how far apart everything will need to be planted before I can lay out the garden plot and till the ground. The weeds are already two or three feet tall back there, and cutting them down will be my first order of business this weekend (when I’m not out playing).
We decided that, despite the increasing chance of rain tomorrow, we’re still going to Buckhorn Wash for part of the day. I don’t really care if I get wet or muddy, and I’m sure the kids will enjoy that. I don’t think getting stuck will be an issue because the road is very well maintained and gravelled. My sister and her family still want to go as well, so at least we won’t be alone just in case something does happen.

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