I upgraded my site to Movable Type 3.16, and new comment email notifications work again. I kept thinking it was the new server that Solo moved to, but after the move I installed MT 3.15, which apparently broke email notifications on some servers. Comments should now be approved much more quickly, and I no longer have to manually check for them every so often.
I found out a few weeks ago that the BLM and the Forest Service have places throughout the state where the public can excavate their own landscaping rock. The places near Price have a going rate of $5.57/ton, which sounds pretty cheap to me. If I ever get around to landscaping my yard, I’ll try to hit one of the places down in the San Rafael Swell.
Speaking of the Swell, I’ve got plans to take the family down to Buckhorn Wash for the day Saturday, hopefully with my sister’s family too. I’d like to have a picnic here, and see the dinosaur footprint and pictographs in the area. There’s also a rock formation I’d like to place a geocache on, but I don’t even know if it’s accessible without climbing equipment. Either way, I’d like to do some climbing–the cliffs and ledges down there are very inviting.

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