Things have been dead this week. I think I left the house twice during the week, but I managed to get out a bit this weekend. I went on a relatively short hike today (compared to what I’ve become accustomed to in the past few weeks), and saw a lot of deer on my way to the Gordon Creek falls. I got FTF on the cache out there–the same one that me and my sister’s family got to within a few feet of a couple of months ago. I realized today that I’m glad we didn’t try any harder back then, because somebody would have surely gotten hurt trying to go after the cache with as much snow as was there. I expected it to be muddy today because of the snow/sleet we had during the week, but it was quite dry–my boots made it home lightly dusted instead of caked with mud.
It looks like the weather will be dry for the rest of the week and next weekend, but the forecast will surely change before Saturday rolls around. Even if it’s dry Saturday, one storm during the week could ruin my plans to go hiking with Mike in the Swell. We could always just go somewhere else and not be bothered by the water, but I’ve had my mind set on this particular place for awhile now.

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