Finally…I’ve gotten a chance to relax. The weekend seemed very long, but after being away from home the entire time, it seemed like I hadn’t sat still at all before having to go back to work yesterday morning. We got home pretty late Sunday night, so late in fact that I didn’t have time to log any of the geocaches we found until last night.
We spent Saturday in Lehi, cruising around with three families in three vehicles, and found a total of nine caches. I didn’t really enjoy the urban caches–driving around the city isn’t my idea of fun–but there were a few along the Jordan River Parkway that were enjoyable. I think the kids liked being away from town as well, because they could get out and roam around without us worrying about them too much.
Sunday we spent in West Valley City. Despite being on the road most of the day, we only found two caches and placed one. We drove to Stansbury Island first, and I’d never been anywhere near that area before. Parts of the island were beautiful, but most of it is private property–otherwise, I’d have loved to do some hiking. We also passed the Morton salt plant. It was interesting to see all that future table salt piled up on the ground. We placed a cache in an easily-accessible place, since the other four on the island were hard to get to (especially with kids).
After that, we left and ate lunch in West Valley, then drove around for the rest of the afternoon, but only found two caches. Mike and I spent quite a bit of time looking for one, which is so small that you need tweezers to retrieve it from its hiding place, but we never found it. I think it’s no longer there, because we looked everywhere it could possibly be, and even went back to Mike’s house to re-read the cache page before returning to look more. It’s supposed to be on the pedestrian bridge over Bangerter Highway at 4100 South, and it was cold and windy up there, and not at all worth it.
I don’t think I’ll be getting out much in the next two weeks, but I’ve got plans to hit the Swell again with Mike at the beginning of April. It’s almost time to gear up for some overnighters–Sid’s Mountain and Upheaval Dome sound good right about now.

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