Cheaters Never Win

For the past few months, I’ve been checking out the Where Is It? feature in the Outdoors section of the Salt Lake Tribune each Thursday. I’ve sent in the answers when I knew them, or guessed a few times when I wasn’t sure. Last week, the picture was of the “P” on a hill above Parowan, which I’d seen a picture of last year at this locationless geocache. I said as much in my contest entry email (saying that I sort of cheated by not actually having been there), and got a reply (in jest, I think) back from Brett Prettyman saying, “Sort of cheated!!! How do you live with yourself.”
Anyhow, my name was drawn from the correct entries, and I won a copy of this book. It looks like something the kids (well, at least Michael) will enjoy, and I’m sure I’ll have some fun visiting some of the places listed in the book. There are apparently no rules dictating how many times you can win the contest, so I think I’ll keep trying for a copy of Fishing Utah. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the location of this week’s photo is. Well, not no idea, just not anything specific.

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