Just a Mirror for the Sun

Been a long day. I put in eight hours at the office today (which meant getting up damned early), then after work I headed out to get FTF on two geocaches. I’d originally planned on buying all the stuff I need to put a new roof on my garage while I was in Provo, but I didn’t feel like it after work. Besides, with the bad weather we’re supposed to have in the next week or so, I’d have just had to store the stuff anyway, which is more hassle than going back up to get it when I’m ready for it.
The two caches I found were on the west side of West Mountain, along a road that follows the shore of Utah Lake. It was pretty nice out there. I’d never been in that area, and it was pretty tricky just getting there–the road zig-zags through a bunch of fields, and I had to do a little back-tracking a couple of times to find my way there.
I’ll probably work again in the office on Friday, since I didn’t finish everything that I needed to do today. We were planning on spending some time up there anyway sometime during the weekend, so it’ll work out fine. I think I’m going to do nothing except caching while I’m up there–I’d like to hit 200 finds next month.

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