All or Nothing

Ok, I’m going for another foray into the Swell tomorrow morning. I’ve put a lot of miles on the Mazda in the past two weeks, and this will just make a lot more. With fuel prices going up (I paid $1.97 for regular yesterday), this is getting to be expensive. I’m hoping to come home on the Buckhorn Wash road this time, mostly because I’m getting bored of US-6 between here and Green River (and secondly because there are a few caches there that I haven’t found). But that all depends on where I go near I-70 and how long I spend there.
I’m bringing food and water for an entire day again, and even enough to spend the night if necessary, though that’s very unlikely. I’m still somewhat worried about getting stuck in the mud, even though it’s had one week of dry 60° weather to help out with that problem. I’d feel bad to be that far away from home and have to call somebody to come pull me out. I think several hours of digging myself out with my e-tool would be better than that, and would probably take less time.

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  1. Lucky for you that gas is only $1.97. Here in SoCal it’s around $2.40. I was happy when a few months back it was back down under $2. Now it’s shot right back up, and I try not to drive unless I absolutely have to.

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