Ok, so I finally got rid of that ugly-ass default Movable Type layout. I love this new one. I took the picture standing right next to Crystal Geyser at sunset. I’ve still got to apply the new layout to a few pages on this site, but I’ve got pretty much everything else worked out.
I’ll no longer be doing the “Quickies” (they were too difficult to work into a design), but I did merge the old ones into my regular blog entries, so they’re still there for your viewing displeasure.
I went on a short hike today, above the Castle Gate subdivision. I had to pretend not to see a couple of “No Trespassing” signs to get where I was going. I was going after a geocache on top of a huge cliff, and I thought I could work my way up the hill past the cliff without endangering my life too much, but strong winds stopped me short about 700 feet from the cache. That, and there was still a lot of snow on the ledges that I’d have had to climb, and I think that would have been a bit too dangerous as well. I was hoping to get a quick FTF on that one, but no such luck. If I’m lucky, nobody else will dare going after it before I can make it back there during better weather.

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  1. Good…the “Remember Me” works this time. For some reason, even though I was very careful not to remove any of the javascript from the Individual Entry Archive template, I still managed to break this feature each time I’ve installed Movable Type. This time, after breaking it, I found the original templates that came preinstalled with Movable Type, and copied the correct code from there. Seems to be working great now.

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