It’s still snowing outside–has been since Friday afternoon, and it’s now early Saturday. I had plans to get first-to-find on a bunch of caches this weekend, but I may not be able to get out in this crap. There are still two near town that I might be able to get on Sunday, if the weather cooperates. It should be warm enough for this snow to melt tomorrow, and if we don’t get any more Saturday night, I might be ok.
I’ve gotten quite a bit done on my Subaru the past week. I finished replacing the head gasket on the left side. It wasn’t in bad shape at all, but the right side is definitely the one that’s blown. It’s not quite as catastrophic as the one on my ’88 Subaru was. Several of the head bolts were just plain cruddy, and the heads themselves have a lot of carbon buildup. It looks like the problem developed over time, and finally got critical soon after I bought the car. If I can get this head gasket job to last longer than my ’88 did, it’ll have been worth it, especially with as hard as I am on cars.

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