road trip

I didn’t bother going on any hikes today. I drove up Spring Canyon to check on conditions there, but there’s quite a bit more snow than there was last week.
Instead, I just went on a little road trip (about 250 miles in 6 hours) from Price, down UT-10 to I-70, east to US-6, then back north to Price. I’d never been on part of that stretch of I-70, and it is just awesome. I found a few places where I’d like to go hiking this spring (if it’s not too muddy), and found a few caches along the way as well–even got FTF on one.
I think the transmission on the Taurus is starting to have problems. Occasionally at low speeds, if I’m coasting, then give it a little gas, the RPMs will go up but the transmission won’t catch up for a second or two–basically, it’s starting to slip a little bit. I think I’m going to have the 100,000 mile service done on the transmission next week, and I hope that will help it last a little longer. The car has 102,000 miles on it, only 7,000 of which are mine, so I have no idea what this car’s been through. I think if the transmission goes out completely, I’ll try to replace it myself with a new or rebuilt trans that has a good warranty. God, I hate automatic transmissions!

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