I’ve been neglecting this site pretty badly lately. I’ve got entries on my main page that go back two months, but if I’d been updating regularly, it should only be two weeks.
This weekend felt long because we crammed a lot into two days. We spent Friday and Saturday in Lehi and went geocaching with some friends. It was foggy up there pretty much all the time, which strangely made things interesting and boring at the same time. Boring, because I didn’t see any scenery as we drove around, but interesting because I relied heavily on my GPS to guide me around. We found eight caches near Lehi, then drove up to West Valley to visit Mike for a bit, then found a cache just a couple of blocks away from his house at the Hunter Library.
Sunday, I had a fun time (well, not really) digging my Mazda out of the front yard. Since we had the sewer line replaced in February of last year, the ground wasn’t compacted where I had parked the Mazda, and it sunk down quite a bit after being there for a few months. On top of that, there was ice puddled up around the rear tires, and it took a sledge hammer and shovel to get it unstuck. Both my truck and Mazda need to be washed, but I don’t dare bring either to the car wash since they’re not registered or insured. I’m going to put ads in the Thrifty Nickel this week in the hopes that I can sell both of them in time to buy a new truck before camping season.

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  1. Just an idea for you…I’m sure there are a ton of off-roading forums that have a “Buy and Sell” section. Maybe post your truck and Mazda there to see if you get any interest? I’m sure someone is looking for a truck they can beat the hell out of on the trails.

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