I was out today scouting for a place to put a new geocache in town, since there are only two within the city limits, and I accidentally dropped the cache container in the canal. Luckily, it was going to be a micro, and I hadn’t yet painted the container or put anything inside, but I was still really bummed when it happened. I felt like a kid whose balloon just floated away. =)
For a few days there, I thought summer was going to come early, and I’m still not entirely convinced that’s not the case. It was sunny and getting up around 50° last week, and this week we’ve had just a bit of rain, but it’s still not January cold. At this rate, I can’t wait for February!

2 thoughts on “Redneck

  1. Oh hell yeah–hip waders and/or canoe definitely required. =) If it’s not stuck somewhere on the banks of the canal, then it ought to be floating somewhere in the Green River by now.

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