Ahhh Yeahhhhh

I bought a pair of Dell Inspiron 5000e laptops today. My company was having a used computer auction, and I just barely managed to get them in the last couple of seconds. Here are the specs (not quite as nice as Ty’s new machine):

Pentium III 700 MHz

192 MB RAM

20 GB Hard Drive

3Com PC Card 10/100 NIC



Docking Station



I’m going into the office tomorrow to pick them up, despite the snow that’s falling now and that will continue to fall throughout the night (should be a fun drive). Traci is going to use one of the machines to replace her current desktop machine, and I’ll use the other one for geocaching (mostly with ExpertGPS and its maps/aerial photos). The kids can then have Traci’s old machine for playing games and l33t h4x0ring and stuff.

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