Beer and Birthday Cake

December is flying by so quickly, and I’m actually loving it. I normally love winter, but I’m ready for spring already.

Before Traci’s family’s xmas party on Saturday, we decided to do a little geocaching since we were going to be in Emery County anyway (yeehaw!). We ended up taking a dirt road south from Castle Dale–several miles of nothing but mud, I should say–to a cache. The strange thing is that it was foggy as hell. 3:00 in the afternoon, not a cloud in the sky, and foggy. It was probably a scenic drive, but I wouldn’t know, I couldn’t see anything. My car is extremely muddy now, and I’ve been too lazy to wash it yet.

I did finally get the new mirror installed last week. Nobody sells the exact mirror that originally came on my Taurus (power, puddle lamp, non-heated), so I got a heated one instead. I figured the plugs would be different, but they were the same, only the new one had more pins. The cool thing is that the heated part actually works! So I’ve got one heated mirror, and the other isn’t–not that it matters, I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with ice buildup on the outside mirrors.

Yesterday, I wanted to hike up to the Fifth Water Hot Springs near Diamond Fork Canyon, but the road was too nasty. It’s a Forest Service road, so it’s not plowed at all, and there was enough snow that the front air dam on the Taurus would have been ripped off if I’d kept going. I stopped at the place where the road used to be closed earlier this year for the pipeline construction, and did some hiking there. It was a nice day for hiking–the snow was melting and running down the cliffs, and there were several thick walls of ice in the places where the sun doesn’t hit. It was warm enough that I had to shed my jacket halfway through the hike.

After the hike, I tried driving up Sheep Creek Road to try and hit Fifth Water from the other side, but it was just as bad as Diamond Fork. If only I had a Subaru that I could drive! 🙁 God damn, I’m lazy.

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