Silver and Cold

This is my 1500th entry (not counting the Quickies on the left). That averages out to 250 posts per year for the six years I’ve been keeping this site. Not too bad, I guess–I don’t ever see it ending, though.

It has been way too cold for me to work on my car lately, so I’ve been keeping busy with other stuff. We got almost a foot of snow on Friday–it was beautiful. Since then, it’s been bitter cold. Got down to 5° last night, and it’s 9° outside now. Yesterday and today, I spent some time cutting, joining, and staining some wood to serve as a railing to keep Bradley from rolling off the bottom bunk. Tonight, we’re moving him from his crib to the bunk beds, and at least Michael’s excited to move to the top bunk. I’m pretty proud of my work–the pieces of wood that I added look like they’re supposed to be part of the bed.

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