100K at 70 on 6

My Taurus turned over 100,000 miles today. Click on the image for a video of it (284K WMV):

I went after another new geocache this morning, this one near Horse Canyon. I saw it online last night, but wasn’t in the mood for a hike in the dark again. =) I got up at 8:00 this morning in order to get out there early. I didn’t realize until after I’d hiked back to the car that it would turn over 100,000 miles on the drive home.

Yesterday, I took my family on a drive up to Scofield, then over Eccles Canyon and back home through Huntington Canyon. I’d hoped for a few good picture opportunities up there, but the snow was too deep for me to do much more than take pictures from the road. Some day soon, I’d like to go up there again, alone, and do some hiking in order to get some really nice pictures. I’d have to either do it early in the morning as the sun rises or in the evening as the sun sets, but either way I’d be driving home in the dark on bad roads.

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