For all the cows

I finally got a chance to work on my Subaru tonight. It just hasn’t been as big a priority as I thought it would be. I removed the intake manifold and carburetor as one unit, and it’s a mess. I can’t believe how complicated the vacuum and PCV hoses are (compared to the EFI engine)–it’ll be a challenge to put it all together the way it came apart.

Tomorrow I’ll work on getting the timing covers and belts off, and hopefully the valve covers, camshaft cases, and cylinder heads as well. At that point I’ll be halfway done. Of course, putting it back together involves a bit more work, having to install many new gaskets and tighten the bolts down to the correct torque.

I was going to hurry and get it done this week so I could actually drive the car somewhere this weekend (the Swell sounds good right about now), but I realized that I can’t afford to get a safety inspection and register it until I get paid. So I’ll take my time and work on it when I get a chance, and shoot for two weeks from now to finish it up.

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